Dear Fellow academician,

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious and historical successes of fifty four previous PEDICONs, we have designed the

Maharashtra, India on 4th to 7th January 2018.

The organising committee is delighted to extend a very warm hearted welcome to you all to Nagpur. Every year this event aims to promote an International exchange of the latest concepts, innovative techniques and development ideas in the field of pediatrics, offering a unique opportunity to the participants of interacting with distinguished medical professionals and researchers.

With a catchy theme of PRIORITY 2018 : Healthy New Born – Happy Teen, PEDICON 2018 NAGPUR has been envisaged to offer a robust scientific ensemble with a myriad of preconference workshops, CMEs, lectures, interactive sessions, debates and panel discussions on topics of interest to general paediatricians, specialists as well as the postgraduates. Senior teachers, experts and distinguished speakers from different pediatric sub specialities will be guiding the gathering during this conference.

The cherry on the cake would be the social events planned alongside the banquet dinners with cultural evenings at awesome venues, visits to famous landmarks and historical sites and to any of the numerous tiger reserves around.

In addition to the academic bonanza, you will have the opportunity to experience Nagpuriat, a hospitality unrivalled and unparalleled in its warmth at this sprawling metropolis having one of the highest literacy rate in India, and is a leading centre of sports, social, cultural, religious, academic and artistic life in central India, offering an expansive variety of things to see and do. It has been identified as the best city in India by topping the liveability, greenery, public transport, and health care indices.

Founded in 1703, Nagpur has the Zero Mile Stone locating the exact geographical centre of India and is thus very well connected by road, rail and air.

For centuries, Nagpur has been famous for its orange gardens and is the biggest marketplace for oranges in the country, hence the name "Orange City". Nagpur is also famous for its own variety of cotton and silk woven by its large population of handloom weavers.

During the conference days Nagpur will be clad in the pink of winter, with pleasant days and delightfully nippy nights.

We once again urge you to seize this opportunity of socializing with senior and contemporary child health professionals from all over the world and experience the feeling of being part of a phenomenon! Eagerly looking forward to greet you at PEDICON 2018 Nagpur...

Pedicon-2018-Nagpur, pedicon 2018

Dr. Uday Bodhankar

Chief Patron

Pedicon-2018-Nagpur, pedicon 2018

Dr. Jayant Upadhye

Chief Organising Secretary
Pedicon-2018-Nagpur, pedicon 2018

Dr. Vasant Khalatkar

Chief Organising Chairperson